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May I humbly suggest my book, Building Web Reputation Systems from O'Reilly?

Our blog on Reputation is here: and a freely accessible draft of the book is here:


Hi Richard, nice to see a few metrics to rank members. One problem I found after really trying to find a way to implement game mechanics like the metrics you mentioned is that a community is slowly becoming a game. Explicit rankings trigger members to find short cuts: cheating.

Of course just having rankings doesn't make a community a game right away but you'll find it easier to look for more ways you to explicitly (and automatically) encourage desired behaviour. And suddenly you'll find yourself designing a game instead of a community.

What I'm trying to say is that you need to be careful about these kinds of things because once members do things because of the explicit reward, your community is doomed since you continually need more and bigger carrots along the way.

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