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"like those scene on Facebook..." – did you perhaps mean "like those seen on Facebook..."?

Jason mKey

This is a great great great post.
Community management as a whole needs to hold itself to a higher level of accountability.

Thank you for bringing attention to this.

Bisha Ali

Rich, can you seriously please just write the book!


Usually, I enjoy your posts because you are tackling a hot topic, but this post is much too broad. The "we" is out there establishing a culture shift and being the change catalyst. There is a lot of work to be done, but is starts with educating organizations and taking the fear out of engagement. Focus on what WE can do.

Rex Williams

This is good stuff, Richard. I agree with Bisha, when is your book coming out? I'm certain you have enough material. You should hook up with The Domino Project and get it out soon.

Eric Suesz

This is one of your best posts yet. Spot on in so many ways.

Love it. Like it. Faving it. Sharing it. Re-posting it. Most of all, pledging to remember it.




Why do you think so many businesses get it so wrong?

I've recently finished working for one that nowdays has way too many ticks on the wrong side of the ledger here. It's a business that's confused those all important numbers, and how much "outsiders" could do with actually engaging and growing what was once a thriving community.

From how dead their forum, blog and twitter are, it's clearly not working as they expected! Not that I'm surprised, if you throw away a community and those who manage it well, in favour or "social media experts" who are good at a lot of spin, I wouldn't fancy you'd get great results.

What I don't understand is the "push for huge numbers" approach adopted by so many ill-informed organisations. I manage a community for a muso, it's very engaged and thriving, but never would I think "must get 50 more twitter followers this week" as a priority over actually engaging with my existing ones.

What is the rationale behind insisting on big number growth as the most desirable metric?

Vicky Wine

Rich i don't know whether it's because it's Sunday night and i'm very sensitive to what I read or just because this post is so true that it goes straight to my heart but it's great anyway! I'd love to meet you for a glass of wine... hurm or a... coffee ;) if we happen to be in the same country.


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