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Dylan Jones

This is a great post Richard, given me a stack of new ideas for articles, thank you so much.

Here are some more:

1) If you had to start ... over again, what would you do differently?

2) What frustrates you about...

Really got the creative juices flowing, thank you.


Great great ideas. Can you toss out suggestions to get more 'fans' or 'likes' on a facebook page? Thank you.

Great advice.

Janet Callaway

Thx, Rich, for the great tips. Not only will I use them to stimulate activity, like Dylan, I see many new articles in your post.


Totally agree! The more questions you ask the more participation you get! People simply LOVE being helpful, answering the questions, solving the puzzles, showing off their knowledge, getting space and attention... It works not only for social networks, but for a whole web in general.

Hélèna Anderson

I agree aswell.
What's important to new comers is that they receive a large welcome message with all the guidelines, the possibility's that they can create on their pages and we explain a much as possible what we want and don't want on our site. Some of our new members have difficulty's about, "how can I manage the site?". We created a group with a large explanation how to use all the tools, buttons and bells" We make it so easy as possible for our members, and we ask questions about, how they feel in our community? Its important for us aswell. Members had to feel their selfs at home....a place to be yourself and share discussions between other members and also with the crew. The leaderboard is a great tool alswell to controlling the users as much as possible.

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