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Dan Gray

A community, by its very nature, needs nothing. It is self sustaining, content generating, engaging, entertaining... All it needs is a format within which to function, be that a forum, chat room, comment section, etc.

Saying 'these are things a community can't live without' is obviously wrong, but saying 'these are things it *can* live without' seems flawed too. Of course you can live without them, but that doesn't mean you should. Your car may have a few hundred thousand miles on the clock and be running smoothly, but that doesn't stop you wishing it had electric windows and a new paint job.

Perhaps a better title would be 'these are things you shouldn't worry about too much to begin with'. I agree that they aren't critical, and I also agree with your statement that the focus should be on engaging users rather than tweaking the platform, but there's no reason not to do both if you have the expertise and the time.


following the first reply, i ask myself: to what extent is the community independent flaws in the platform/format.


I am always grateful to be told things I do NOT need to do. Thanks.

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