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filip matous


You are quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Another great resource, how the heck did HSBC kick that off? Do you have any ideas how they got the ball rolling? Their forums are truly impressive!

Not Tycho

Penny Arcade has an excellent community; extremely tightly knit. Lots of group activities, not least PAX.


no mention of or any of the stackexchange sites?


Here are a few tremendous, vibrant, thriving communities you may not have stumbled across: (massive community of audio engineers)


Janettee McCrary

I can't believe you didn't include! I think it's much better than "Model Mayhem"... And they have a similar niche.

Greg Limperis

I love your resource here. I have been running the PLN for educators called Technology Integration in Education for over a year now and I was not aware of all of these other rich successful Nings out there. If anyone out there is interested in being part of our thousands of members world wide, you can join us @


Great list. We run a big community site using Ning for Coronado (San Diego):


Great list. But Triiibes is closed without an invite.

Richard Millington

Yes Kate, it is.

But that's a good thing, too.

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