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Great post, I agree that interaction is great and a sure way to get people more involved in a new community but still its hard getting the first people to your site, there is so much competition these days.


Really good article dude, loved it.

Laurie Wakefield

Good article - nice that you set expectations for timing, number and quality of members.

Debba Haupert

Great info - thanks for sharing! I've used some (but wish I knew all!) of these techniques in growing my online community for women. Again - THANKS!

Debba /

Rex Williams

It all makes perfect sense to me.

I like your point of constant individual connection. I think that is the key. Most people try to talk to everybody and they end up talking to nobody.

But if I make one on one contact I'm making a real connection, something valuable.

Thanks for the clarity, Richard.

Dolo Osende

Great Post ¡¡
Thanks for sharing. Building an Online Community from 0 members, is hard.


Excellent advice - thanks for sharing it with us!

I especially like your point about planning things/writing joint statements together as a way to really engage members.



Just curious on your thoughts re: Facebook being risky. I know you are at the mercy of Facebook as they tweak the platform but on the other hand it is so much easier to reach people if that's where they are spending their time online.

Scott Asai

Really like the idea of organic growth. A model we can all learn from.


Kind of relates to this post about creating less of marketing campaign and more of online movement by creating that online fan community -

Great advice!


Thanks Richard. This was very informative.

Jerry Crockford

Right on. I would rather have a meaningful GENUINE connection with 100 people than a listing of 1000 "members ” who aren't serious.

Great article.

Jordan Spizike

Wow. I would never have the smarts to look stuff like this up.

But..I do like the Twilight series a parent...I can't say that the abstinence until marraige message is unwelcomed! (If that was even the reason for the books...somehow with the interviews I've seen and read I'm not thinking that was fully on her mind when Stephanie Meyer wrote the series).

Very cool info, though!

Nike Shox Clearance

You might have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don't kvetch for it if it doesn't look within your life.

Retro Jordan

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