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Real Estate Global Network

This option is a great idea,

Approve a newcomer’s posts before they go live for the first week. When a newcomer joins, approve their posts for the first week.

I would add one more tweak to it, what if instead of "for a week" we could have a setting to manually approve, say, the first 3 or 4 initial activities of each member?


I asked this Q due to Drupal profile spam. Due to the limitations of Drupal, I've gone to #1 - approve all members, with a twist. I have all new members blocked until they send me a personal email telling me why they wanna join. This has been very effective at showing who is a spammer and given me needed chuckles when the spammers try to email me to get in. The combo of bad spam name and broken English is comical. Still would love a way to block links in the About Me box on profiles. That would stop them before even creating a profile.

Melle Gloerich

What also works quite well is to make them sign in with a Facebook/Twitter/Google account. Spammers feel watched and are scared their behaviour might suspend their account.

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