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Joshua Dorkin

Great tips. The keys, of course, are providing ways to engage with your users and giving them ways to stay tied in to others in the community. If you can manage to do that, then you're well on your way to establishing a strong online group. I definitely will have to try one or two of the ideas here that we have yet to tackle. Thanks!


Great tips - I may even go all old school and print them out and put them on my noticeboard to remind myself of other ways to generate content than what I usually do. Thanks!

Simon Bunker

Great article - This will come in very handy for a couple of my clients who are building community sites.
Thanks for sharing this

Geno Prussakov

Awesome post, Richard.

Another one I'd add is: crowdsource to Create Lists & Ratings (based on experiences of community members). Those are always popular, and generate great interest both on the stage of compiling the lists (or voting on options), and when you announce them.


yes, great stuff!

@ Geno: a true classic! and all kinds of lists can be easily complemented by some kind of poll to either have a final voting or start the whole thing up.


great stuff - conferences / events calendar and use something like Google Calendar to make it easy for people to keep up to date. Any meet-ups as well?

Steph Lee (@iamstephly)

Great article, thanks! I'm following Larry and printing it out for a reminder on some fresh ideas!

Paul Armstrong

Great list Richard! I would add:
Pop culture...anything. Check the trending topics, top viewed videos etc - ask for opinions etc. If in doubt whip Lady Gaga out.

Quotes or word of the day - these add a friendly feel and make you a resource. Avoid using urban dictionary!

Exactly what this post is... A list! Great ways of getting info across and if you do a top 10 and only do eight a great way to engage the community and have them form bonds with you / the content creating the last two!

Http:// / @munkyfonkey / @themediaisdying

Jane Lee


Thank you for posting up this blog article. Just started a facebook fan page which is a community of bloggers, so I will be incorporating some of the 20 ideas that you disclosed.



very useful content.. I am in the process of preparing my slides for my workshop on Social media mktg, and this is the area/topic that I creating the slide. Your article accidentally came to my attention at the right time

Mark Luton

Some really good tips thanks, I will print them out also and refer to them reguarly.


Great list -- thanks for sharing!

Jordans 5

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greg cryns


This is a really good piece. You've given me lots of ideas for my membership site.

Account Deleted

Really useful tips!And i guess it is also pretty advantageous if you participate actively in other communities and networking with people. I have tried this in the last few months and the results have been loyal followers

Thanks for the tips!

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Susana Cipriota

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Good stuff. Post sent to me by a friend.

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James @ Document Scanning

good advice, im new to this game and this is invaluable

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