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This is great advice Rich! I've shared this post on LinkedIn and Twitter! =)

Brandon Cox

On your point #6: "If you see a new community in your field rapidly gaining momentum, it means you’re not providing something these members need."...

I'd have to agree, but throw in that it could also be that you aren't doing well on the promotion and connecting side. In other words, maybe your tools are just as good, but nobody knows about you.

lenNY's Yankees

All good points. I'll be following on RSS

L. C. Sterling

Very good post, except it's "fewer" members, not "less" ...

(One of the very bad aspects of the Web, propagating poor and poorer grammar.)

Thanks for the list.

P D Webb

"If you see a new community in your field rapidly gaining momentum, it means you’re not providing something these members need."

Although not new, Facebook is hard to compete with. We have a wildlife community, but Facebook has a wildlife cadre of members that number in the 10s of 1000s, with major leaders in the conservation field present and active. All the big guys are there, and their big organizations with fan pages and Cause Apps

I admin a premium Ning community that use to be reasonably active. Every time we added something new that got people excited, the program changed so that function no longer worked.

The killing blow was when people couldn't get to their own pages using IE, for 6 or so weeks. I tried to encourage them to use Firefox, but people don't like to be cornered into a browser they weren't familiar with, in order to surf a community.

Telling them it was a superior browser was not effective when our community was the only place IE didn't work for them.

They found Facebook to be IE compatible and never came back. We keep the community in case people burn out on FB. We are looking at Joomla CB to run on our own host in the interim, to eliminate the $50 a month it will cost to keep our community the way it has been all along.

I guess we are suffering from all 8 flags, but it's hard to find people who have never heard of Facebook, and the crux of the matter boils down to:
People go, where people are...

Thanks for the posts though

Account Deleted

Se a sua comunidade online não está indo bem, vale a pena ler este artigo, vai direto ao ponto! Sem teorias mirabolantes.

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