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Would be interested in hearing some stories of communites successfully charging (outside the obvious dating and ultra niche scenarios)... do you have any?

Say hello to the age old (well 24 months old) debate of niche content/value being the only route to charging.

Account Deleted

Certainly food for thought.

I'd imagine it would have to be a very niche market/audience, or alternatively the community would have to offer benefits not found elsewhere in order to justify the membership fee.

Direct revenue can be obtained from advertisers who wish to purchase ad space within your community, and as such lurkers would be contributing to revenue as they would be viewing the ads. If you don't go overboard with ads it can bring in a large revenue and a target audience for the advertisers.


Thanks for bringing up this issue. If there are any communities out there that do charge membership, it would be great to hear from them.

I wonder, does charging for membership change expectations around quality of moderation? Do paying members expect stricter (or more lenient) enforcement of community guidelines? Do they expect to be able to say/do whatever they want b/c they paid to be a member?

Urs E. Gattiker


Very nice post. I find your arguments about having to focus more when charging very convincing.

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Thanks for your nice post.


Angela Connor

Hey Rich: I agree that charging would definitely make you bring your A-game. I've been looking at the MarketingProfs model. I'm intrigued by it, though it seems they have a pretty sizable staff.
This is something to think about.

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