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I agree. What I really like about Tommy's approach is he keep's the community involved and engaged thru his development blog. Great work!


He didn't actually build anything himself.

Tommy Sollén

Hi Richard!
Wow, thank you. Those are some very kind words indeed :)

I'm glad you like and I'm proud of our members. It's a great bunch of Sweden loving people from all over the world.

I'm happy to say we have a lot of exciting new features and improvements in the works with releases after the summer. So stay tuned ;)

Aren't you dying for a widget in this blog btw? ;)

Mark: That's true. I haven't programmed a single line of code in 5-6 years.
Nowdays I leave that to the professionals.

Richard Millington

You're more than welcome Tommy, it's a fantastic community you've got there. My only gripe is the number of spam messages newcomers get when they join. If you can fix that, it'd be a 10 :)

Mark: I'm glad Tommy didn't program any of it. It moves commnuity management away from web development and towards social development.

It's the vision and the ability to execute the vision in such a way that's impressive.

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