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Paul C

There is a lot of wisdom here. You're making it happen with tangents in many productive directions. I too like the idea of an elite group where everyone can feel special.


Interesting post, I would like to see this info applied to a community forum to understand what you are talking about better. You mention "groups" a lot but I cannot understand how that applies to practice (for example on a community forum).

Matt Cheney

Thanks again for a brilliant post. I'm going to try some of your group suggestions out in the next month.

I'm continually impressed with the actionable knowledge and your insights. Keep up the great work!


Another great post Rich. As a Community Manager of 140,000 people with 180 individual forums I couldn't agree more. When particular forums get large, unwieldy or simply move too fast, people get turned away. Fast moving forums make people feel left out rather than part of the community.

@Greg We are a parenting community so we have for example a meet other members category - broken into states, and broken down in to regions. We have categories for each stage of parenting from conception/preg/birth through to kids as well as work, lifestyle, hobbies etc. Hope this helps!

It is important to note IMO that categories should be created on demand, nothing is worse that a forum with 50 areas and only 2 posts per thread! Each of our 180 forums is assessed, sometimes merged, closed, split further etc on a continual basis.

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