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Martin Reed

That's a lot of reading! I am with you when it comes to Wikipedia - you start out on one page, reading up on one topic and after an hour you find you have around 20 tabs open!

I love the fact you constantly reiterate that online community is based on the same principles as offline community.

- Martin

Scott Drummond

Hey Rich.

I'd echo Martin's point that I think it's great that you don't distinguish all the time between on- and offline community.

I also love this post - full of useful content and actually incredibly good timing for me too.

I have just added a group discussion to the LinkedIn group Online Community Manager entitled: Essential Reading for Community Managers.

There have been four responses so far, but I'd love to re-post your great list here up on the group if you're up for that.

If you'd rather I pointed people to your blog, that's cool too. Just let me know which you'd prefer.

Very important that the group reads this post I think.

Jack Ricchiuto

There is a wealth of links and sources here, very appreciative and will pass them along.

My friend George Nemeth and I, who coincidentally have the two oldest blogs in Cleveland's thriving blog and tweet spheres, did a book this summer on building community: If you'd like a complimentary PDF, let me know, thanks much.

Jennifer Brooks

Thanks for the wealth of information ... this post reiterates that the most effective (and fun!) communities are created through dedicated relationship building!



Really interesting post. Thanks for the pointers, I have more stuff to read now :) I especially liked the link with game systems, I'm convinced that even in "serious" communities, there has to be some sort of a fun/play factor, albeit hidden sometimes.


Testing Facebook Connect on this post.

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