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Brian Hsi

Nice tips, thanks! I'm wondering if there's another series of questions we should be asking though. For example, are destination communities relevant? Put another way, does X mark the spot for community?

Paul C

Hi Richard,
I have tagged you for a blogosphere chain post. I hope you can take part. Wordle has commercial as well as educational applications.

I look forward to your posts.

Peter Gold


We conduct internal social media audits of both Exec Team and potential community members so we can 'predict' a bit more.


Peter Bekel

Great post, good ideas. Thanks!

Tom Harle

Really good stuff, thanks

Kevin Cesarz

Thanks a ton, Richard.
A lot of great information - clear, orderly, and succinct. I am trying to develop a basic business plan to help local companies as a social media manager here in Toledo, Ohio. This really helped me. I had been in the newspaper business for many years (terminated recently because of the bad economy) and always expressed disappointment with our one-way communication strategy. An exciting time to actually build conversations and communities. They were there all along but newspapers ignored them to their own peril.

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