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Benjamin Boudreau

Definitely would have popped Thank You For Smoking up there, but otherwise a very solid top five.

Chris Clarke

I clicked through from my feed reader to add Thank You for Smoking, but fellow Canuck Ben beat me to it.


You forgot "Sliding Doors" :)

And can we count Poliakoff's wonderful "Gideon's Daughter"?

Richard Millington

No, I didn't forget Sliding doors :)

Not sure about Gideon's daughter.

A few people have said Thank You for Smoking, I haven't seen it. Must get round to doing that though.

Karen Russell

My top five old school movies about PR:
The Candidate (1972)
The China Syndromw (1979)
Sweet Smell of Success (1957)
A Star is Born (1937)
Miracle of the Bells (1948)

Chris Clarke

I saw a good one this weekend - Power - from 1985 starring Richard Gere and Denzel Washington. It's about a political scandal and Denzel owns a PR firm in Washington. Check it out!

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