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The online-offline bridge is often overlooked but it can enhane people's lives. If it's well managed at the levels of both user and administrator, the generally "weak" relationships we form online can be grown offline.

I've just read the Harvarf Business Review article below which seems not to realise this point:

Social Media + other media + real life - all the bollocks = (hopefully) a better life

Matt F

Awesome tips. I'm fascinated by the intersection of online and offline communities, and how they influence each other. My background is in competitive video gaming, where I watched an online-only forum transform into a planning area for live events all over the country. It created a positive feedback loop - people on the forum promoted live events, which led to people in real life making friends with those they'd never met before. Conversely, offline word of mouth spread about the live events, coupled with "hey, you should check out this website..."

And then there's the ultimate realization of "real life meetings" - a convention.

Fun stuff! Times have certainly changed since 2002, when anyone that wanted to meet "IRL" was OBVIOUSLY a predator. Obviously.

sto credits

"The more you blend the two, the more important your community becomes to your members. The stronger the bonds, the more frequently members visit, the more active members become and it becomes far easier to sustain your efforts. "i think it is very wonderful that you said,i like online Online Community,your 8 Ways To Merge Your Online Community With The Real World is useful for me.

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