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But building a community based around people who are only involved to gain a great rate etc can be dangerous as they are there for the sake of being there.

Stuart Foster

The only risk I see with this? The tremendous churn once that initial goal is reached.

Could a way exist to transition those members into a newly formed more brandcentric page?

Interesting idea...just never seen it used.

Ryan Paugh

I just don't know if this strategy would yield quality community members. Sure, lots of people join these types of groups, but at what outcome?

Is it more important to have 10K inactive members or 1K that are active?

Dwight Knowlton

...because you can't do incentivized fanning outside of an app. That's why.

Jim Storer

Interesting idea... I can see it as an option for a very social media savvy brand to create interest/buzz. They then could invite respondents (I'm not going to call them members, since this sounds like the socmed equivalent of a broad-based email blast) into a branded environment with active community management.

"If your business hasn’t tried building a community yet, why not give this a go?"

I'd hesitate to recommend this approach to a company that's just getting started with community. This is an advanced tactic that requires social media smarts and bench strength to pull off, IMHO.

Jim | @jimstorer

John Frenaye

I agree---I think a small more involved, organically grown group/page is much more effective in increasing your brand.

Mollie Moczygemba

Thanks for the article, Richard. Defiantly something to think about if you're trying to your name/brand out quickly, but if you're looking for an active community and individuals to take interest in your brand you would have to use a different approach.


I agree with others that it's about quality over quantity. I see page owners hustling all the time for more and more fan members to meet a "goal" only to be talking to themselves in the end.


great blog! keep it up :)

thank you for this rockin' simple tactic. my website which was set-up by Prova is doing wonders currently. i know if i use the tactic you mentioned, my sales will definitely hit the roof. thanks again :)

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