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Great concepts Rich! One question about the last one. If we take this last one as a principle; wouldn't it be applicable on for not for profit communities? If we eliminate all business needs; then how can a brand oriented community be successful? Can you give some ideas on how to incorporate business needs into a community, without disturbing the community interests?

Richard Millington

Hi Amitha,

Align your business interests with that of your community, not vice-versa.

What actions can your business take that will make your community more likely to buy from you? Give members discounts or limited products or community-branded products.

What actions can you take that will make a community more likely to recommend your products to friends? Give members an advanced look at a new product/service.

What actions can you take that will make your community more loyal to your products? Why not invite 50 members to meet your CEO? for example.

The sweet spot really is matching your community's interests with your own. Learn what your community wants to pay money for, then offer that - with bonuses.


Thanks Rich. Make sense. BTW, the post about fights is really interesting. Most people think, it's the job of a community manager to avoid fights at all times

eve isk

then how can a brand oriented community be successful?

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