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Peter Davis

Do companies actually spend that much on a platform alone? Wow! I could easily build 100 thriving communities with a budget like that.


All the enterprise communities I've looked at cost this much or more? Does anyone have software suggestions that can grow and be added onto as your community grows?

Chris Graham

I'm always confounded by the budget gulf between enterprise and small business. 500k is a crazy amount to have to spend on a community solution. We average about 10k (using our OSS system, ocPortal, to do projects with a lot of custom work; I wish that 10k were more, as we're always really squeezed compared to the huge lists of very custom things people want to do, branding, SEO, many other considerations, but it's what organisations can budget so we've developed a system and set of processes that can do a great job at that level. But 500k, wow, what we could do for that.

Conrad Young

Great checklist, Rich. My colleagues and I, at are continually amazed at how many businesses out there think they have an online community when all they have is a platform.

On the positive side, you can't hide (from the investors) an under-used community platform, and that's when there's a great business case for investing in quality community managers and engagement processes.

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