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Oxana Morozowska

I'm not a Community Manager (so don't shoot me down just yet!) but is it not impossible to be personal all the time when you have a very large community? I agree on the whole with this blog but not sure this approach can always scale.


Terrific post, we don't need more emails written by "professionals" that are totally void of all humanity, humor or personality!

Timbuk2 has agents that have terrific personalities, are self-deprecating and interacting with them is a pleasure. It's fun! MailChimp is good at this too. When one of our team members had a problem with their product they thanked her for calling and pointing it out!

We need more of THAT!

medyum siteleri

I’m happy to agree and disagree with members. I’m genuinely interested in their lives beyond the community. I act like a real person. The more members like me, the more likely they are to return to my community.

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