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There is one thing that rules are good for, and that's if you have moderators for your forum (other than you). Than you want to make sure that all of the moderators know what is and isn't allowed, and what they should do if a member violates the rules. If they don't, then you will have one moderator banning a person for going off topic while another moderator ignores someone going off-topic. Members are going to complain if that happens.

Sean R. Nicholson

I completely agree with Christofian. The best reason for rules is for justification for correcting bad behavior. I ran a biker community for 5 years (motorcycles not bicycles) and you can imagine there there was a LOT of bad behavior ranging from simple brand bashing to overt racism. The terms of use and "rules of the road" allowed me to warn members when bad behavior occurred and take further action when necessary.

I encourage ALL of my clients to have a terms of use for their communities and periodically remind their users to read them.

My $.02...


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