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advertising and promotions are one of the most expensive part, you need to hire , rent and pay for the ads, not ncluding the amounts spent on creating the ads.


You are spot on... I love how many companies think starting big with critical mass is the way to go... Once the newness wears off and the launch is done there is no backing or clients to work with... Starting small and growing steadily is the reality of business in 2011.


When launching a new mobile app, we did exactly what you recommend. We started with 50 great users, nurtured and focused on them for a week, then scaled by a few hundred each subsequent week leading up to a more public reveal. By the time press was even aware of our product, the community spoke for itself.

Heather Jacobsen

i'm so glad i saw this post, as that was exactly what i thought was the right approach (marketing-led)! although, i am recruiting individual members as well. but don't you still want to get the word out, let people know you exist? are you suggesting you should just rely on word of mouth? thanks!

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