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#1 sounds useful but horribly stuffy and boring.

#2 is what I'm trying to create but not having any luck.

#3... sigh... I really don't want to go there. But I'm not surprised that would be the most popular. Just look at the magazines in the checkouts. Ugh.



The problem is while #3 would get the widest community adoption, who in their right mind would want to advertise there? Direct advertising sales is not the only way for a community to monetize, but a local community site does not seem to have many other options.

Beside that, look at the forum for any town on ... The gossips have an outlet already, and it ain't pretty. Who wants to run the community site where locals come to discuss who they think the town bicycle is?

And what is that going to do to your reputation as the owner of said site within your community? You would be feared and loathed. Everyone would be terrified of showing up on your site.

Maybe this isn't the sort of gossip you envisioned, but again, look at places like (largely unmoderated community forums), and you'll see that's where it ends up.

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