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Dylan Jones

Smart post Richard.

I've only recently discovered that far from helping my members with content I've probably gone too far into preach mode. People simply come for the top tips, tutorials and workbooks but nothing else.

I guess it's about painting a small part of the picture and crowd-sourcing the rest so everyone can get involved.

Bas Helderman

Have to partly for once :)

I feel that great content is just that tool that inspires and activates readers. I've successfully implemented a content plan for an online magazine a year ago. We not only set the subjects, but also the questions and statements we wanted our readers to discuss.

In only three weeks time, we already got to a point where we had a group of ~5 regulars and around 20 not-so-regular commenters that also interacted with each other (average views was ~400 per article).

Thanks for aiming at interaction, we became able to pick better subjects and get some readers to actually bond with our editors and each other.

Dave Lutz

Rich, I'm a little puzzled. It sounds like you're sending mixed messages in this post. The one statement that stands out is "make the content in your community unique". To me thats the key.

IMO you can post the latest and greatest as long as it is framed as a conversation starter that encourages comments and varying opinions.

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