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Good to see us reminded of our duties Rich :o)

Would you agree that the entrepreneur would act as a bridge between company and its audience?

And having said that where would you position the 'brand managers' role?

Aerin Guy

Hi there,
I like how you've broken down some of the roles. Many non-profits have extremely engaging cause-oriented communities, but hiring 5 people for 5 roles is unrealistic, unfortunately. More often than not, this role is falling to an underpaid, under-resourced communications person. Your post is great content to take to the "board" to justify the resources needed for an effective community program.



Well stated Richard, you captured the essence of community management succinctly. The only thing I might add is "The Researcher" since much time is spent staying up to date on the new and important. If we stop learning and monitoring, we lose the ability to trendcast and stay ahead of the market for our client(s).


Thanks - You've just made my task of writing a job description for my relatively new responsibilites as "Community Manager" MUCH easier! Great post. - Beverly aka @TravelMaestro


Thanks for this article! It's super helpful for us peeps starting out (:

Waters Denison

Great post!


First of all, not all Community Managers are "he's" ;)

As Community Manager for Context Optional (, a social marketing company in San Francisco, I find myself falling into many of these roles -- and even more. Along with these five roles, you're also a Customer Service Representative, a Brand Advocate, and a Linguist. You wear many hats as a Community Manager and if you manage more than one online community, you often need to switch hats quickly and make sure they don't get mixed up.

There are a lot of balls in the air, but if you keep yourself in check and your duties aligned, Community Managers are the strongest online communicators.

Thanks for the post!


Prior to the friend, what about the listener? Key in building community.

Sergio Zaragoza

Nice article, but indeed all of them have to play the role of the listener, also you have to add the public relationships and the community enhancer to amp up any recomendation to the site or community.

Ray Hartjen

Good, quick read on challenges to anticipate as communities grow. Excellent. Thanks!

Wieger Waardenburg | XpertMarketing

Great post! Easy to read and understand, usefull for anyone making business out of communities!

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