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This information couldn't come at a better time for me. I've just gotten the go-ahead to create a fb page to complement the web site our local field naturalist's club already has. These tips are relevant to both. I hadn't thought of a who's who of members yet it's a perfect fit with our club, which has an amazing representation of knowledge across many areas. What's equally wonderful is that we also have a good representation of people with limited knowledge but a love of nature and a desire to learn more.

Jennifer Koren

Agreed that this couldn't of come at a better time for me either. I'm in the middle of creating my company's first external community for clients and posts like these are so helpful.

Tia Fisher

Thanks for this - very useful. Re: the phone number - do you think it would be a good idea to also publish 'Office Hours' (and timezone) when you can be contacted, and make sure you really are availble at those times? Doing this will make everyone's life better - including the community manager's family! - and community members will have managed expectations.

Richard Millington

Hi Tia,

Yes, but as long as those hours coincide with the hours that members are most likely to be logged into the community. If your members are going to be at work all day then evenings are the best office hours.

Terri L. Maurer

Excellent, and very useful list! Thanks.

Andrew C Abraham

Good Tips Rich.

What I like is that they are all self-explanatory yet often forgotten. It's not until you compile a list like this that you realise what you need to do.


Irene Diamond

Hi Richard,
You nailed it- simple list, but really important.

I'm gonna go right now and make sure #4 and 5 are up on our site.



Great article. Simple, concise and easy to put into practice. Thank you for great advice. I'm signing up for updates :-)


Especially the contact number and email, is the first thing I check on my new website. Sometimes I forget to add this information.


The epic history is a really good idea, not seen this so far.


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