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In both posts, you're missing one other major difference: big organizations often lack the ability and/or willingness to change their vision, strategy and culture.

And those are, IMO, the most important things you need to shift before you should even consider building a community.

Frank van Gemeren

I agree with Tasmijn that most big corporations are too self-centered to really make the best of communities. Their credibility and attention is affected by that. Example from the gaming industry: a reasonably large group of (mostly) hardcore players is against a certain feature, or they want to have the option to disable it, which should be easy to implement. Because they are in relatively low numbers, none of their demands are being taken in consideration. However, an online game's popularity is build on the hardcore gamers, not on the people who buy it, play it for 2 weeks and then return it to the shop.


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Yeah... as you mentioned in your other posts, the big businesses have a lot of hurdles! Also, it's all about ROI. They have a lot of money, but are there other options to utilize that money even better... and for big companies, with their scale, they have a lot of options!

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