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Markus Karlsson

Great post Rich.

I'm sure that everyone running a community can benefit from having a good understanding of the points you're making.

My major takeaway from it is that community success is all about motivating, cajoling, empowering and rewarding individuals. Often in highly visible ways.

Angela Connor

Hey Rich: I LOVE how you focus on other industries and really think hard about how social behaviors and attitudes contribute to online community relationships. You recently shared a site that deals with psychology and I subscribed because you showed how the content there relates to what I do.
Thank you for that.

John Norris

Super post. "Suitable for framing" Many thanks for making it relate to Community Managment.

David Zinger

I found your points quite helpful. Good reminders and applications for a successful community. Thank you and I will review my community from these social science findings.

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