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Scott Drummond

Reading this thought-provoking list reminds me of the way Akoha has leveraged the network effect of people playing its social media game to benefit a larger cause.

As each of the members plays the online/offline social media game, they contribute to the overall sum of missions played. The Room to Read challenge ( I guess fits into the 'making a difference' camp, and hence would be an internal motivation.

It's got me thinking about how you can best tie together internal and external motivations, or indeed whether you should.

Cheers for getting my brain moving on this topic :-)

Richard Millington

Thanks for bringing that one to my attention Scott. Sounds like it could be addicted.

I'm not so sure you're right about the motivation. Playing a game is more about having fun. In this case being challenged, keeping score and most things on my Game post last week.

Richard Millington

Forgot to add, I'd be careful about using external motivations. You can get what's called the Overjustification affect.

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