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Themes And Fresh Topics

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I like themes.

By theme we’re talking about a related set of issues within the topic.  A theme is something the community discusses in depth for a period of time. 

If the community discussions have become stale or repetitive, use your subtle influence to guide the discussions in to a new theme. 

You need to initiate topics about important issues, slowly evolve the discussions to related issues, and create associated content. It should all be linked.

A community can go through 2 – 3 themes a year. 

Initiating a new discussion is fine for a quick blip of activities, but having a regular programme of themes for the community to discuss sustains a high level of activity.

Don’t jump around from one topic to the next, move through a related set of issues. Move through unique themes. 

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Subscribe for regular insights