Richard Millington

Founder: FeverBee * Author: Buzzing Communities

Learn the powerful psychology
behind the web's most succesful communities

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Community and Psychology

Richard Millington has spent the past decade helping 250+ companies develop some of the world’s largest online communities.

Richard is the founder of FeverBee, an international community consultancy, and the author of Buzzing Communities. Richard’s clients have included Google, Facebook, Oracle, Wikipedia, EMC, Greenpeace, and many more. Prior to FeverBee, Richard interned with Seth Godin in New York.

The World Bank

Richard specialises in helping organisations understand the psychology behind successful communities.

Richard can help your audience to:

  • Increase the level of activity and participation.
  • Get new members to join and stay active
  • Measure the value and ROI of communities.
  • Explain communities to your boss.
  • Change member behavior in your favour.
  • Nurture advocates.

How to Build A Powerful Sense of Community

The best way to build a successful community is to deliberately cultivate a psychological sense of community. This is a deliberate, scientific, process anyone can master and use as a blueprint


What the attendees said

We benchmarked over 1500+ branded online communities and discovered a tiny number of outliers doing well followed by the majority who aren’t even close to getting the most from their communities
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