BraveNew is a knowledge sharing platform focused on facilitating peer-to-peer learning for Healthcare, Education and Workforce communities

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BraveNew is a knowledge sharing platform focused on facilitating peer-to-peer learning for Healthcare, Education and Workforce communities
  • Knowledge content focus. All community posts are full text indexed, and contextually tagged leveraging machine learning and author tagging (leveraging IBM Watson). Topic pages aggregate all content by topic.
  • Support for peer-to-peer, community published and machine learning aided high volume curated content consisting of links, files, images, questions, collections and native posts.
  • Platform design language allows for custom purpose driven configuration of content streams, member and topic directories and recommendation widgets.
  • Role based controls allow for combining multiple purpose related audiences while continuing to deliver role specific elements within the community.
  • Custom landing pages allow for audience specific marketing and onboarding.
  • APIs unpublished
  • Focused use case clients
  • No current instant message/chat functionality without embedding a third party


  • Private community of 200 members: NFP $1500/month Commercial $2500/month
  • Private community of 500 members: NFP $2500/month Commercial $4000/month
  • Private community of 2000 members: NFP $7000/month Commercial $10000/month
  • Private community of 5000 members: NFP $14000/month Commercial $20000/month
  • All pricing includes 90 days design and implementation support
1 Year
No free trial
Not for Profit and Education pricing available
  • Zoom Video Conferencing: $Varies
  • Community Design Strategy Services: $Varies
  • Community Implementation Support Services: $Varies
  • Community Management Training: $Varies


  • Login IP Ranges
  • Annual internal security audits
  • U.S. – Swiss Safe Harbor
  • Secure data centers
Support package
SAAS (Single or Multi-Tenant)
  • Canned Reports
  • Customizable Reports
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Download CSV detail data
  • API for integration/selective exports
No API’s available
  • Curata Content Curation
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Mailchimp
  • TinCan
  • SSO (native or 3rd party)

Notable Clients


Analytics / Reporting toolsAutomated community tour for newcomersAutomation rulesBloggingCase ManagementDirectoriesDiscussions / Activity FeedDocument CollaborationDocument PreviewsDocument SharingDocument UploadsEvents Calendar with RegistrationGroups (Public, Private, Secret)Knowledge BaseMention by @name
Mentor / volunteer matchingMicrositesMobile AppModeration toolsPermissions configurable by rolePersonalizationPollsPrivate Messaging / NotificationsQuestions (with ability to mark questions correct)Ratings and reviewsResponsive designSEO friendly linksSpam control toolsTask Management

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