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Our coaching programs include the Community Accelerator, FeverBee Peer Groups, Mentoring, and Online Courses reports.

Community Accelerator
(fully on-demand)

Benchmark your current community skills, build your career roadmap, and receive the expertise you need to demonstrate rapid progress.

$25 / month
$250 / annual

Core features

Take the survey and see the community skills you’ve mastered. Use your benchmarks to identify the next skills you need to acquire to further develop your community.

Receive specific tasks to complete to acquire the skills and begin growing your career.

Access 60+ skills and templates covering every aspect of community, from developing an RFP, presenting a business case, project planning, engagement tactics, and more. New skills and resources added weekly.

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Community Accelerator, Peer Groups, and Mentoring

Develop your community skills with our community accelerator, build your support network in our private peer community, and receive live mentoring to make rapid progress.

$45 / month
$450 / annual

Core features

Get full access to everything in the community accelerator package to help you immediately advance your career.

Gain access to a small, completely private, group of peers at your level to collaborate with, help one another, and work together to progress rapidly through your roadmap.

Ask questions and get support from community mentors on your specific, unique, challenges.

Receive mentoring to guide you through acquiring the skills you need to make rapid progress.

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Full Community Training Program
(Community Accelerator, Peer Groups, Mentoring, and All Training Courses)

Get the full skills, knowledge, and resources you need to rapidly upgrade your career, your team, and your community.

$750 / month
$7600 / annual

Core features

Full access to both the community accelerator, your private peer group, and FeverBee’s training courses.

Request the data and benchmarks you need to build a business case and prove the value of your work.

Get a personalised breakdown of your online community which we will keep updated as you progress so you and show progress in your work.

Access all 5 of our community manager courses to help take you from beginner to expert (p.s. credit available for courses you’ve already taken)

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