How To Make Your Community More Important To Your Members

June 15, 2010Comments Off on How To Make Your Community More Important To Your Members

You can only build a community for a topic your members really care about.

Brands struggle with this. Very few brands are important enough to be frequently discussed or caring who else uses that brand.

Most of the time, you shouldn’t build a community around your product, even your brand. Instead, look for the role your product plays in something bigger. Something that people care a lot about. How does it fit in with the life story and needs of people?

People buy products to do things. They buy laptops to work, cars to travel, toothbrushes for hygiene, phones to communicate, clothes to look good, coffee to have energy. How can you tie your product/brand into this bigger interest?

Find the passion point, team up with other companies in that passion point, reach out to all manner of connected groups and individuals. Develop a community with them.  You will grow faster and stronger.

Your brand wont have all the attention, but that’s a good thing. You get to talk to a far bigger audience.

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