A Simple Tactic For Growing A Huge Branded Facebook Group In A Week

February 1, 2010Comments Off

Why don’t businesses copy the best community building tactics?

You’ve probably been invited to a Facebook group named “I bet i can find 10m people who hate the BNP”…or something similar. One person sets up the group. They invite everyone they know, who join and invite everyone they know. It gets popular, quick.

Why don’t businesses copy such tactics? Why do we have a HSBC Facebook group (Yawn) and not a group called “If 500,000 people join we will offer 0% student overdraft for 5 years”. You make an offer, people join if they like an offer. In doing so you get permission to speak to them and can work on forging a community.

Or why not: “I bet I can find 1m people who want laptops with internet access on planes".

Amazingly simple, brilliantly effective. If your business hasn’t tried building a community yet, why not give this a go?

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