Training & Recruitment Consultancy

Our consultants can guide you through the same process that’s helped 250+ of our clients build successful communities for customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

We can audit your existing efforts in line with best practices, develop an organization-wide strategy, secure internal support, and solve your toughest community challenges.

Our Training Services


Rapidly improve the skillset of your community team and solve your organization’s unique challenges with in-house training and workshops.

On-Demand Courses
and Certification

Get you or your team certified in community management skills at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

and Speeches

Give your audience of employees or conference attendees a sharp increase in their motivation or expertise within a particular area.


Attract and recruit experienced, qualified, top tier, community professionals to manage your online community.


It is no secret that investment in your team is one of the best uses of your budget and resource. Gone are the days of sitting in dark, mid-70’s featureless training rooms being dictated to with outdated methods. All our workshops are designed to be fully interactive, highly professional and designed to leave your team with focussed tactical actions they can put immediately into practice

We work with organisations who want to align departments and teams around common community goals and challenges. They want the team to learn fundamental principles of community and collaboration in a highly actionable way that drives value for the individual and the company.

We welcome questions (even the awkward ones) and build our workshops to ensure the team are listened to and are encouraged to take part in learning activities and challenges.

The team doesn’t even need to leave their office. We will come to you and work in the environment that makes your staff comfortable and receptive to learn.

“We’ve worked with intimate teams of 5 all the way up to 50+ attendees. The sessions are often 1-2 days, highly focussed and interactive and all have clear tactical aims and outcomes. We want your team not just to learn but to experience real collaboration and leave committed to clear actions they can easily implement to improve their community.”

Nancy Kinder, Consultant

Actions and Deliverables

  • Pre workshop calls and discovery session to help us learn how to maximise our time with you
  • Clear agenda of what will be delivered in advance for sign off
  • Delivery of the workshop over the agreed timeframe
  • Full presentation deck and breakout work sessions
  • Q&A support both during the session and for a short period after
  • Short follow up deck outlining FeverBee’s findings and recommendations
  • Follow up call to discuss findings

On-Demand Courses and Certification

Technology allows learning to happen in new and exciting ways. FeverBee have developed a highly regarded set of on-demand modules that take the student through the full community learning experience, from beginner, to expert and beyond.

Our on-demand videos are deliberately broken into bite-sized chunks that can fit into a lunch break or other commitments. They include resources, expert talks and include membership to our own Experts community where the student  can come and discuss learnings both in and out of office hours.

We also run a “live” version of our courses twice a year that deliver our materials in a virtual classroom environment and give access to an instructor and fellow students.

If you’re looking for something more customized, perhaps a “best of” approach, or have key challenges reflected across our modules, we can build a brand new on-demand course for your organization, pulling in the key videos and materials that offer most value.

“Our on-demand training courses are amongst our most popular and well thought of services. Developed as a series of learning videos to suit busy people, they are specifically designed to take the student through a highly structured learning curve from beginner to expert.”

Todd Nilson, Director of Community

Actions and Deliverables

For the on-demand version:

  • Instant access to our on-demand courses
  • Full supporting materials and talks for each module
  • Access to our Experts community to share learnings and meet other students
  • Marked coursework and feedback
  • Certification upon completion of modules

For the Live Version:

  • Live webinars from one of our leading training experts
  • Live discussion rooms with other students for Q&A and support
  • Access to our Experts community
  • Guest speaker talks
  • Marked coursework and feedback
  • Certification upon completion of modules

Presentations and Speeches

Speaking events have become one of the most requested services from FeverBee. Richard Millington is considered one of the most respected thinkers in our space, supported by an experienced team who are always in demand to talk on key topics.

Our presentations are always highly specific, and we review our content thoroughly to ensure it is laser-focused for the audience and theme of the event.

We have previously run our own event, SPRINT, in both San Francisco and London so we understand first hand the level of professionalism we demand of ourselves and our speakers.

Our speaking engagements have taken us across the world, from globally recognised industry events of 1000+ people, to niche and exciting workshops with 50 people keen to hear tactics and insight that supports their work. We can’t say yes to everything, but we love hearing about exciting opportunities.

“There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of walking on stage at a fantastic event and knowing you can help shape the future of professionals eager to learn and do great things in community.”

Richard Millington, Managing Director

Actions and Deliverables

  • Pre-event call to learn more about the event and the desired outcomes
  • Submission of our proposed deck in advance of the talk for feedback
  • Submission of a final deck for delivery to the event AV team
  • Professional talk with full slide deck and supporting materials
  • Allowance for Q&A and audience interaction
  • Where possible, we will remain at the event to answer follow up questions


The search for the right candidate in the community space can be tough for generic recruitment agencies. They don’t understand the space or the skillset and all too often present candidates who come up short. Your time and money are too valuable to waste on recommendations that fall short of the bar.

FeverBee have over 15 years of experience in full-life cycle recruiting for community, collaboration and engagement professionals.

Using a very specific search and selection process we are able to draw from our industry knowledge and deep connections to build a highly targeted short list.

You’ll receive insight and access to candidates you simply won’t find anywhere else to help you evaluate and select your perfect hire.

We can recruit for all levels of seniority, although we specialize in mid to high level recruitment for roles that require an experienced community professional who can deliver. Once recruited, FeverBee can fully support your new staff member through ongoing training, strategy and consultancy services.

“FeverBee’s recruitment services reflects a decade-and-a-half of industry insight on a connection network that is unsurpassed.

We listen closely to what you need and use our proven process to find candidates that can deliver.”

Todd Nilson, Head of Consultancy

Actions and Deliverables

  • Initial call to understand your specific requirements and needs
  • Assistance building a job role description and marketing plan
  • Deep sector search to identify 2-4 qualified candidates for consideration
  • In-depth candidate screening
  • Detailed interview notes for shortlist candidates covering strengths, weaknesses, salary requirements and availability
  • Final evaluation support and feedback
  • Further training and support services

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