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Adapt Agency

Adapt agency is a bunch of developers, designers, storytellers and innovators who use CMNTY to conduct market research for their clients.


The ANWB has almost 4.4 million members. Discussing with members is of great importance to the ANWB as a membership organization. The panel of the ANWB, Think along with the ANWB, is an important way for this. To represent the interests of these members in the field of mobility, recreation and holidays, the ANWB wants to listen carefully to its members to know what is desired and expected of the ANWB.

Lee Valley Tools Employee Forum

Lee Valley Tools Ltd. is a Canadian business specializing in tools and gifts for woodworking and gardening. They use their CMNTY platform to connect their employees to each other socially.

Maggie’s Centres
Health And Fitness

A space for anyone affected by cancer, their friends, and family to share experiences and ask questions.

Medical Dialogues

Medical Dialogues is the largest Medical News and Health News portal in India. Started in 2015, as a news portal dedicated to doctors and healthcare professionals, it now draws traffic of more than 1.5 million visitors per month. The portal is targeted to doctors and healthcare providers in India and covers in detail doctor news, medical drugs news, pharma news, research updates, MCI news, medical college news and other news that is relevant to healthcare providers in India.


Come in, check out the chat, covering topics from getting pregnant to birth, baby development to raising children. Get involved and help others with their questions or ask that burning question on your mind – after all who better to share their advice and opinions than other moms going through the same thing as you? Make sure you also check out our newbies forum to meet other new members. Whether you post (or not!) enjoy finding out what the others are saying today.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

“The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading national body funding game-changing breast cancer research with money raised entirely by the Australian public.

We receive no government funding. What we do, would not be possible without the support and generosity of people and organisations like YOU.”

RTL broadcasting

For media companies, it is becoming increasingly important to know if the content they develop will attract a large enough audience. With people having so much choice over what to watch and when and where, it is key to know what people find interesting. RTL built an online community of millennials to help give shape to TV programs, online formats, campaigns, branded content – making them ready for the future.

Savvy Community
Health And Fitness

Savvy connects people with opportunities to share their unique health experiences with professionals and connects companies and researchers with qualified individuals to gain diverse insights.

Sherwood Pet Health
Health And Fitness

Sherwood Pet Health provides advice, care, and nutrition to owners of small animals such as Rabbits Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas. Through his CMNTY platform, Dr. Sherwood connects to his patients and their families offering advice, classes, and different projects.

Wattislos Energy Community
Energy has created an energy community that offers participants comprehensive information and participation opportunities. Here, community participants write about their experience with efficiency products, how to save energy or how the procurement process works when acquiring a photovoltaic system.

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