Advanced Engagement Methods

Advanced Methods to Increase Engagement

You don’t need more time and money to increase engagement, you need to design engagement systems underpinned by psychology and communicate persuasively.

Many of you don’t have the level of engagement you need to get the results you want. If you want to increase activity, improve collaboration, facilitate better knowledge sharing, and have your members help you develop products, you need more engagement.

The key to increasing engagement isn’t to embrace more platforms, try more ideas, and waste more time on silly activities. The key is to work methodically on long-term engagement systems underpinned by clear psychology.

We want to help you increase engagement and master a new set of engagement skills pioneered by the top experts in the world.

We’ve spent 18 months developing Advanced Engagement Methods. This course will train you in methods used by top engagement professionals to get more engagement and achieve your big wins. That might be increased knowledge sharing, better collaboration between employees, customer-driven innovation, and clear customer loyalty and retention.

We’ve designed solely for those of you working in:

  • Community management.
  • Social media.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Internal engagement and collaboration.
  • Customer/employee-driven innovation.
  • App development.
  • Association management

This course is combines our experience working with over 200 clients, studying over 1000 psychology articles, interviewing 22 of the top engagement experts who have delivered clear results, and studying into just under 100 case studies.

$3420 USD


All material is immediately accessible upon registration

Instructor: Richard Millington

[email protected]

The Goal Of Advanced Engagement Methods

Our goal of AEM is to take those of you with a lot of experience in digital engagement (e.g. community managers, social media managers, knowledge managers, app designers/developers etc..) and teach you to increase engagement in a methodical, focused, and long-term way.

That means every day you do the real work of increasing meaningful engagement instead of searching for quick metric hits. It means you understand the psychology of engagement and use this as a long-term framework to drive engagement that matters. It means you learn how to write persuasively and participate with influence.

This course breaks down the deep psychology of long-term engagement into practical building blocks you can use to assemble your future engagement systems.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Achieve your company’s huge wins and move on to bigger challenges.
  • Keep your members active and get more engagement.
  • Reverse declining participation levels and get things back on track.
  • Prioritise your time and stop feeling overwhelmed by a thousand distracting options.
  • Deliver better value to your members by satisfying deeper desires.

Course Details

The course is delivered via a bespoke membership site which equips you with:

  • Over 70k words of material explaining each concept in vivid detail.
  • 21 hours of professionally filmed training videos.
  • Detailed case studies of world-class engagement practices.
  • Week by week exercises.
  • List of references and links to further reading.
  • A calendar to book personal coaching time.


Course Agenda

The course includes 3 distinct modules, each tackling a core element of advanced engagement methods:

Month 1:

Psychology and Motivation

Learn the psychology that should underpin every engagement system you design.

  • Learn the failure points of current engagement systems.
  • Apply the core techniques from a century of motivation research.
  • Distinguish between valid data and corrupt studies.
  • Deploy the 3 core motivations embraced by successful engagement systems.
  • Identify your audience’s deep psychological needs. Develop audience motivation clusters to attract and satisfy effectively.
  • Develop your engagement model underpinned by motivation.
  • Deploy that engagement model across any engagement system (KM, Social media, Community, content etc…)

Month 2:

Communication And Persuasion

Learn how to participate better in your engagement efforts and influence your members to take action.

  • Improve your decision-making design.
  • Use availability heuristic to become more persuasive.
  • Use priming to mobilize an audience to action.
  • Develop a participation strategy which builds influence.
  • Use highly-focused message targeting to move an audience’s current mental state.
  • Use a broader arsenal of mediums to deliver key messages.
  • Avoid negatively priming the audience.
  • Insert credibility cues into your communications.
  • Improve your subject lines and open rates.
  • Use social media to effectively support your engagement strategy.

Month 3:

Focus and Prioritisation

Learn how to prioritise your time and focus your efforts on the tasks that drive long-term value.

  • Self-assess your current approach to engagement.
  • Tackle feeling overwhelmed by options.
  • Deploy self-tracking tools to create a task / value inventory.
  • Identify high and low value tasks.
  • Eliminate the low-value tasks.
  • Delegate tasks which don’t require your unique skillset.
  • Deploy an advanced automation systems combining human and persuasive tech principles.
  • Identify the route-map to ‘big wins’.

Key Course Resources

Use your digital key code to access our valuable course resources.

  • 12 hours of problem-solving webinars and live-chats between participants on our private Slack channel.
  • 10 interviews with the world’s top engagement experts.
  • Up to 5 hours of private 1-on-1 coaching.
  • Access to FeverBee’s Full Community Management Course ($2750 USD)
  • Certificate upon completion.

Course Tutor

Richard Millington

Founder, FeverBee

Richard has spent the past 15 years helping 200+ organisations design successful internal and external engagement programs. Richard is the founder of FeverBee, the author of Buzzing Communities, a prolific speaker at events across 4 continents. Richard is passionate about using proven psychology to guide engagement.


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