The science of online communities

We can help you to build engaged communities.

We help organizations harness powerful psychology to transform audiences, employees, and customers into united, supportive, groups.

We’ve helped almost two hundred organizations like Google, Wikipedia, The World Bank, Autodesk, EMC, and Oracle develop communities.

We’re proud to be considered among the leading community consultancies in the world. We combine a proven track record of success with a reputation for pushing our field ever closer to the thrilling edge of social science. Find out how we can help you.



In all our decisions – hiring, creating content, managing our communities, and working with our clients – we try to abide by five clear principles.
  • Building a community is a scientific profession

    Data and proven science must guide our actions, not guesswork.
  • Community Managers should love the topic

    A community should be managed by a passionate, full-time, community professional.
  • Communities must benefit the members more than the organization

    Communities must give members more in ego, social, informational, and supportive benefits than it takes.
  • Measure the value of communities

    Communities deliver incredible benefits that should be measured metrically.
Rich Millington lecturing

The FeverBee Story

(as told by Rich)
Rich lecturing

At the turn of the century, the popularity of online communities exploded. Many tech-savvy types, including myself, were hired to manage communities for organizations. We responded to messages, removed the bad people, and did our best to help the good people. After a few years we began to realize something important – we had no idea what we were doing.

I began reading everything I could in the fields of psychology, social-psychology, anthropology and community development to answer the big questions we had.

I started FeverBee as a blog in 2007 to share what I was learning. The blog quickly took off and I began to receive e-mails from companies looking for support. The business was born.

Using our psychology-first approach, our success rate skyrocketed to 95% in an industry where 65% was considered good. The team began to grow and we developed a training course, published the most popular book in this field, and nurtured our own community of professionals.

In 2014 we hosted our first sell-out conferences in London and San Francisco. For the first time, a generation of community professionals, could connect and share their expertise with one another.

And this brings us to our journey today. You know our mission. We’re taking community building away from the digital dark ages and into a proven science. We want to edge ever close to cracking the code of communities. We want you to join us.

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises solely of community veterans.Every member of the team has spent more than a decade working to build successful online and offline communities.
The team includes:
Rich Millington
Raised on the rough streets of West Sussex, Rich brings chiseled good looks, natural charisma, and a British accent to the community space.
Darren Gough
Director of Community
Darren runs operations at FeverBee. He keeps us all in line and still manages to deliver great results to our clients. Masterful.
Sarah Hawk
Head of Community
Hawk is both a user experience expert and a community professional. She'll give it to you straight, but she'll do it with a smile.
Todd Nilson
Director of Consultancy
Todd is a community consultant who works with startups and global brands. He plots world domination from his lair in Wisconsin.
Nancy Kinder
Community Consultant
Nancy is a community consultant and knowledge management expert. She specialises in behaviour change, network building and collaboration.
Phil Betts
Community Consultant
Phil is a community consultant with a research background in organizational identity. Hailing from Sydney, he moved to London for the weather.
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