Online Community Consultancy

For decades, organizations have repeated
the same mistakes. They’ve ignored the proven principles from community
development and created online ghost towns.

FeverBee has a single mission; to change your
approach to developing communities.

Our approach combines proven principles
from social sciences, an advanced understanding of technology, our own extensive
experience, and a library of case studies.

We provide direct consultancy, strategies,
training, and resources to help organizations develop bigger, better, and more
active communities.

Our clients include: The United Nations,
The Global Fund, Wikipedia, Novartis, BAE Systems, AutoDesk, OECD, Oracle, The
RSPCA, LEGO, EMC, Greenpeace, The World Bank, Placemark Investments, Brown-Forman,
Marsh, Teach First, Save The Children, Fidelity, Ziff Davis, Teligent, Ning, and
many more.  

FeverBee founded the world’s first
Professional Community Management course and authored the highly regarded book,
Buzzing Communities.

FeverBee’s website ( is widely cited as
introducing best practice into community management and read by 7,000+
community professionals every day. 

If you would like help to develop your online community, either call: +44 (0)20 7792 2469 or e-mail us

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