7 Things A Successful Online Community CAN Live Without

November 22, 2010Comments Off on 7 Things A Successful Online Community CAN Live Without

DesignReviver believes a successful online community cannot survive without 10 key elements elements.

Looking at some successful examples of online communities. I believe you can succeed without most of these. Especially:

  1. Great Design. Design can be nice. But judging by the many, many, online communities with nice design that have failed – compared with the thousands of crappy designs that succeed, I think this is one aspect your community can live without.
  2. Content. Contentious one this. Content can help with most online communities, but it’s not essential. Most of the successful communities using forums thrive quite happily without any central content.
  3. SEO. No community really needs SEO. Again, it can help, but I wouldn’t put it anywhere near the must-haves when getting going.
  4. A leader. Leaders tend to develop followings rather than communities. Having a manager to keep order is fine, having a leader to break new ground really isn’t essential.
  5. Widgets. Anything that doesn’t absolutely have to be there for people to participate can be left out. Very few widgets add anything to the community. They distract from the key elements.
  6. Multi-platform. Being multi-platform accessible can be cool, but if you picked the right platform in the first place you’ll be fine.
  7. Facebook/Twitter. Few communities receive much benefit from social media platforms. They can help, but the benefits are limited at best.

The only element a community can't survive without is activity. No activity, no community. Focus on that.

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