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Individual recognition within YouTube communities is a strange tool. It's the community itself who ends up praising the contributor whose effort merits praise. But the community on YouTube is really relegated to a #2 spot on the hierarchy, since it's the channel producer who gets all the praise.

As the community leader I've "rewarded" people by answering their question through video. Obviously the question has to be of value to the community but this action makes a huge statement.

I think one of the best ways of recognizing a members contribution is simply making it more visible to the community.

Chris Jacob (

You've just given me a great idea for how I can reward the efforts of my not yet existent community. The promise of a permanent "thank you" published to the public for a significant contribution I'll be asking of them.

Donation drives are one place you see recognition - and visibility to the community - encourage higher bids e.g. Kickstarter.

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