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Well I guess it depends on which client you are working with.

I don't think any marketing can offset a poor product that people don't want.


It's what I call the good food theory.

If you really have good food you don't have to hard sell it.

This is the only key I have found that works consistently in any industry.

In the end I don't think clients have enough money to finally convince people to like their stuff.

Consultants get paid in the meanwhile though :)

Compare this to pinterest or ingress where people are climbing over each other to opt-in you just can't substitute good.

Want to be successful? Be good.

Tommy T

The problem is Jacko, 'good' is subjective and an opinion.

Things I think are good, others think is crap. Things I think are absolute utter tosh, people think is 'good'.

I think more accurately is if you're targeting the wrong audience you won't sell or get them to like your stuff.

Target the audience who WILL like your product.

Ie: I love '77 - '82 punk music. So trying to advertise modern pop 'rubbish' to me would just put me off, it wouldn't make me like it.

Does that mean the product is crap? No of course not, because there's plenty of people who would buy it and think modern pop rubbish is 'good'.

It's all about character, personality, forming bonds and building trust. If people trust your brand, they'll use it.


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