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Steven A. Shaw

It's true that most people don't care, but as a community manager what I want to know is the opinion of the people who DO care.

I wholeheartedly agree that community managers need to resist the temptation to buy into the false consensus of the vocal minority, and that hard data from surveys should be the guide. I might, however, suggest that community-wide surveys have a flaw of their own: they tend to treat all members as equal.

Community-wide surveys do not acknowledge the important online community phenomenon of the core group. It seems to me that what we as managers really need to know is the majority sentiment of the core group, not the community as a whole (though this is also interesting information to have).

In that regard, especially on more complex issues that are only well understood by the core group, the vocal minority may very well be speaking for the core group. Or not. But this is what I want to know when I look for answers.


Wow! Thanks! I've already bookmarked the site & saved a couple reports!


It's not true. Facebook voting, Facebook private data policy changes, or almost anything Facebook does. I strongly believe it. Thanks for your important sharing.

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