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Deb Ng

I so agree with this, Richard. When I co-owned a food blog and owned a writing community, I was against the giveaways the P.R. people were always pushing because we'd only get the one off freebie hunters coming by. Very few people became permanent members of the community.

I work for a conference now and while we do have opportunities for giveaways, they always involve our event - so we might offer a significant discount or free pass. But we don't give away someone else's product if it doesn't benefit us both. For example, we might offer a trial run of a sponsor's service if they purchase a pass from us. This way our sponsors also benefit.

We also try to make it so when we host a giveaway, people tweet or somehow share their participation. This gives us the opportunity to chat them up a bit and thank them for their participation. It also provides more visibility to the hashtag, the brand, and the promotion.

When you have a contest, the interaction has to be a two way street. So while we don't want the one off freebie seekers to enter and run, many times the brand itself doesn't do anything to engage with the contest entrants. Contests should be worked out so that there's a dialogue going in both directions. That's how you grow your community.

Michael Shillingford

I agree with this for the most part! There are fantastic things that can be done via gamification to counter these problems though.

The gamification of competitions offers you the ability to require your community to collaborate and co-operate in order to unlock some form of benefit for everyone who took part (new smileys for the forum, in-game items, a special discount etc). Still a prize and still a competition, only minus the problems you mention above.


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