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You are both so funny! I am glad for last year, and can't wait to come to visit in a couple weeks! I am so glad Slater is doing well, and hope you get more sleep soon!Much Love,Alp.s. tell Joe Hi!


Hey Alison I like reading your ctmoenms on your thoughts and goals. It seems I don't make much time to think like that anymore. ha ha haMy first thoughts on reading this how the media can dictate, made me think of a quote from the movie True Lies . Tom Arnold was telling Arnold Schwarzenegger (or should I say Govenor) that Axel Rose and Maddona was his DDs parents. How can he compete with that? Then I remembered something from the movie Supersize Me . How hard it is for our kids to want to eat better when SO MUCH MONEY is spent on ads for the junk food compared to the tiny amount spent on the 5 -a-day campaign.I totally loved doing things like sitting in a patch of sunshine and thinking, when I was young. I still love being alone. I had a needy friend in Jr High who always had to be with someone. i used to lie to her sometimes so I could get some time alone to read. LOL

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