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Peter Davis

My communities are all "user" moderated (really hate the term "user"). But, in a more traditional sense, in that individuals from within the community who stand out as being level-headed, fair and very very patient, are asked if they would like to help out in the role of moderator. I think it helps me that I spent several years doing an "apprenticeship" as a volunteer moderator in Sitepoint's community before asking other people to do the same for me in my communities. I don't think either is a perfect model, but I like being able to work with a small team of people who care enough about the community to volunteer their time. I think what you're suggesting is sort of a hybrid between the small team of moderators model, and the anyone can flag a post model. That is interesting, and I think the Vanilla forum platform may even have that capacity built into it, but the others that I work with don't.

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