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'"Your volunteers need their own special community. They need to be 'in it together.'" - I whole heartedly agree with this. You get them to bond together as a community and support each other.

One of the reason I have kept my volunteers so long is that they enjoy interacting with each other in their own private group. They see this as a perk and a kind of exclusive community that only they are part of. They use this community to not only discuss their moderating/concierge duties and issues, but also to bond over personal matters. They feel "safe" in their only little space.

Appreciating, nurturing and guiding volunteers (if you have them in your community) is an essential part of Community Management. You have to take an interest in them, and thank them constantly. If you aren't nurturing them, they will feel that they are being taken for granted. After all they don't volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts, they do so because if fulfills a need in themselves, and if a CM does not feed that need they won't be volunteering for long.

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