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Hi Rich, for a short post this has left me surprisingly confused! Please can you translate the term CoP?? And explain what you mean when you describe the platform as 'white label'? Cheers, Greta

Eric Suesz

Hey, Greta. I believe he is talking about a community of practice. It's kind of a new phrase that means people who are bound together by a shared passion or practice. You might include associations or professions in that category; it's often used to refer to communities around emerging or as-yet-undefined practices or standards, like green tech or information technology.

White label means you can strip out the branding and offer up a site as if you built it yourself. Some community platforms allow you to create a white label version, some don't. Some charge extra. I think Rich is spot on about how many organizations will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a community platform before they've actually proven that they have a community of people who are ready to populate it.


I like to read your post very much but i am a little bit confused about CoP.What do you mean by about CoP.Please explain me. I'll visit your blog again.

Emma Barton

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.


Thanks Eric :) Cheers, Greta


another CoP you might like to consider looking into is Land Surveyors United, which is a global social SUPPORT network for professional land surveyors

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