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Peter Davis

I've gotten pretty good at getting those first 20 - 50, and any good community manager should be able to handle that with a bit of time put in. The hard part comes in sustaining it in the long-term, and scaling. It's not just the first 20 - 50, to be honest, because once you get those first people you're going to have the attrition that every community faces and just to keep where you've initially built up to you have to continually recruit to counter the attrition.

You're spot on about the audience being what sustains a community, but I'd take it one step further. The audience is going to be what will help you counter that attrition as well. The community manager should be able to build up that initial core group, but the skills that you need as a community builder aren't the same skills that you need to build up the audience.


You said the model is "usually backwards". Is it always? If you can, Richard, as a follow-up post, I'd be curious to hear of any "content first" methods that work.

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